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Archived death records

Death Records for Geneaolgy Research

This page is dedicated to the memories of the people that have passed on. These records are from W.H. McGavock also known as McGavock & Martin Brothers Funeral Home. The records were found in the basement during the renovations of the location after purchase. 

Records found began in the year 1919 until 2002. The records will include the name, age, residence, date of death, date of burial, cause of death, place of burial, cost of funeral, and the person making and paying for the funeral arrangements. All records are also matched with death certificates which have varying information recorded such as date of death. We will be keeping the date of death as recorded by the funeral home. At some point we may include the image or a link to the death certificate found on

The books do have some aging, pages are fragile, so what better way to preservice their memory than to put them on our website. This will take some time as there are thousands 11 books to type and record here one by one. 

We feel these records are very important and may be very much appreciated by and beneficial to the family and/or families of the deceased. archived death records


Records from January 1st - March 16, 1919

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 Records from March 17 - 1919

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